Feminine & Masculine Qualities in Inner Union

Feminine & Masculine qualities and the way they mingle within each of us is the inquiry behind our Union Collection. This collection is an exploration of the way that our cultural understanding of feminine and masculine energies and attributes impacts the way we see ourselves, engage our potential and relate to one another.

Feminine & Masculine are categories with potent universal symbolism. In many cultures the downward pointing triangle represents qualities associated with the “feminine” and the upward pointing triangle represents attributes associated with the “masculine”.

Feminine & Masculine Attributes In the Symbol of the Triangle

Feminine & Masculine traits are reflected symbolically with the downward and upward pointing triangle.

Downward: feminine principle, manifesting power and energy, descending energetic current, experience of embodiment, associated with water, unconditional love, empathy, tenderness, nurturance, warm embrace, nourishment, security, energy, movement, change, intuition, flexibility, horizontal perspective, sensual, receptivity, fertility, creativity, being present to what is, resting in the potential of the moment.

Upward: masculine principle, consciousness, representing ascending energetic current, liberating force, limitlessness, unchangeable, unswayable, linear perspective, competitive, striving, assertive, physical strength, courage, penetrating, clarity, logic.

Feminine & Masculine qualities are culturally linked to female and male

These Feminine & Masculine designations can limit the way we think about ourselves and others. The “feminine” (downward pointing triangle) qualities are stereotypically attributed to women and the “masculine” (upward pointing triangle) to men. In adopting these associations as “natural” we create a context in which these attributes are often reinforced and repressed along sex and gender lines.

When, in truth, all humans embody the capacity and tendency to experience and express all these qualities. The path to wholeness is really one of embodying the full spectrum of feminine and masculine qualities and expressing what each moment calls for fluidly regardless of sex, sexual identity and/or gender orientation.

We created the Union collection as an opportunity to explore the learned and symbolic nature of this distinction. The process has been enlightening and empowering for us. We hope it will also, regardless of sexual identification or gender orientation, foster personal inquiry and exploration.

A conscious embodiment of attributes associate with both the feminine and masculine in Union brings forth an personal integration that is enriching and empowering.

Take the moments you adorn yourself with a piece form the Union Collection as an opportunity to reflect upon how these attributes interact within you and what is most called for in the moment.

As you engage with your piece from this collection we invite you to ask:

What is my relationship with attributes generally considered feminine or masculine?

How does the idea in our culture that certain qualities are masculine or feminine influence you, express through you and/or limit you?

What qualities associated with the masculine and/or feminine principles might you consciously cultivate to bring more balance within; to enable you to express the full range of the qualities listed in this article?

It is our desire for our pieces to live in the world as objects that inspire inquiry. We envision a community of people who engage with the material of their lives more consciously and mindfully.

We hope our adornments spark inner dialogue and interesting conversations.

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