Finding Center, Amongst Flight

~ From ground, and up, choices, to fill… a cup. A solid hold, to the base, is strong, yet sometimes… has little taste. Now, the time, to make life… less of a rhyme. Timid, by what? not a drop to loose. That cup is full, that center… there is, flight has, begun. No worries, about […]

Sewing Lessons

 ~ Stitched, so tight, woven, threads of might. Control, in every inch, at times, a self-delivered lynch. As the bobbin continues to roll, The sound becomes, a lull, of warmth. ~ Ring Material: sterling silver, aqua marine, emerald, blue zircon, peridot, photo by Alyssa Robb


 ~ It’s no secret, it’s no surprise, no “hush hush,” as to how mother became so wise. With years of living life, as it has come, walking to a beat, of a light hum… and to that of a deep, deep drum. Moments full, of little kisses, and of course, a good-night hug, still reading […]

Compass, Star & Key

~ One woman it starts, beginning a chain, of beating hearts. With generations and years, and unexpected, trials and tears. Travels through darkness and light, yet one must never, wane sight. One can roam afar, and navigate, with one star. The beaming light, that is full, of strength and might. This little star to show, […]

Blaze of Blue

~ He who returns… a look into the blaze of blue, unspoken. Deep into the core, a heat, never noted. Yet known, amongst the two. One heart, warmer, than ever before, Which grew, two, three, four, then soared. From the billow below, a burst of boundless light. Between, worlds apart, comes compassion, means to heal. […]

Organically Lit

~ Organic in growth, That is key, to both. Enriching the lives of those, Uncovering answers, when queries, are posed. And when, a crevice opens, just a slight, Allow, the richness of others, add to the life,  In light.  ~ Ring Material: sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, liver of sulfur (oxidation)

I’m In Love With a Girl

~ Ring, all rounded, Boundless, him, her, their coo. Growth, of one, Evolving, as two. Uncertainty, and unknown, a passage way through, Will one day unravel, and become, a familiar, virtue. Quiet warmth, will be, the clue, That a lifetime has passed, of admiration, affliction, devotion and will, And that friendship, truth and love, will […]

Timeless Dreams

~ This engagement ring was made for a woman with strength, power, wisdom and beauty. For a person where dreams happen, stories are told and memories are made. Ring Material: 14k gold, diamonds, can be worn together or separate.