A Drop

Soft Ripple_sterling silver_ Engagement & Wedding Ring_POPPY

Rich Sounds_sterling silver_ Engagement & Wedding Ring_POPPY


A single drop,

became the gesture.

Then found in sync,

was the true link.


Deep, solid, rounded.

Traveling amongst.

Exploring, a world.

Discovered again, the soft, mellow,

rich sound.


Seen, is a wrinkle, by many.

Coldness, given kindness.

The crinkle, becomes less.

Softens to a ripple.

Travels on, going through,

Moving toโ€ฆ


Each wearer has two bands, one worn as an engagement and the other their wedding band. Less-than-traditional, these custom ring sets were made together to all fit as one when stacked on top of one another.

Ring Material: sterling silver, dumortierite quartz (engagement and wedding bands), photo credit: Alyssa Robb