A Familiar Gleam

Familiar Gleam_Custom Wedding Bands_14k white gold, heirloom jewelry_POPPYOR

Familiar Gleam_Custom Wedding Bands_22k gold, heirloom jewelry_POPPYOR

Mineral rich
clay pot copper
earth beneath
the ruby sun above.

Silver river line
runs through
until it reaches
the ocean blue.

A ripple to waves
venture, land to land
soft sheen
approaches the shore.

Distant the grounds
yet native it seems
from the deep red sun
familiar is the gleam.

                     - Poppy

Familiar Gleam_Custom Wedding Bands, heirloom jewelry_POPPYOR.2

ring material: hers, 14k white gold, 18k gold settings, smokey quartz, white diamond from her mother's engagement ring (photo directly above), his, 22k yellow gold from a ring of his grandmother's from India; and additional 18k yellow gold.