Thought & Communication

“I gather my thoughts as I inhale… and exhale my words with clarity.”

Air is the easiest thing in the world to take for granted and yet the most vital aspect of our life.

Each breath we draw is literal life support.

Taking it to the the next level of awareness, we discover that the depth and pace of our breathing holds the power to shift us from fight, flight and freeze to rest and digest mode.

When anxious or agitated we can relax our bodies, calm our nerves and open our minds by sustaining slow deep breathing.

When depressed or lethargic we can simulate and inspire with vigorous breathing exercises.

We experience air as subtle, weightless, shapeless and invisible.

Yet, the power of our words resonating through the air is formidable and formative.  

Throughout world culture, creation myths and cosmologies link the the spoken word to the very origins of the world.

Air, as the medium of language, is literally essential to and figuratively symbolic of the connections we have with our intimates and intimate connections through meetings of the mind we have with people whom we will never meet.

Sounds and sentiments carried on the breeze evoke poetry and song.

Eloquent speeches expand the way we see ourselves and the world.

Stories skillfully told evoke emotions that bring clarity and closure.

Affirmations spoken with conviction and consistency change lives.

Impassioned orations stir us and help us free ourselves of limited ways of thinking.

We chose to explore the four Elements as a foundational Heorth collection because understanding this symbolism and thinking elementally can support the practical realization of the lives we intend.

When you purchase an adornment from the Air collection our Adorn with Intention guided meditation will be sent to your inbox. Using it to explore the symbolism of Air, you will create a personal intention to connect to your chosen adornment. Your piece becomes a touchstone affirming the thoughts and beliefs that support your unique aspirations.

In our journal, on social media and through our Adorn with Intention practices we will share our explorations of how we and you can work with the many meanings of how we work with Air to enhance our creativity, navigate our nervous system and refine our thinking.

We hope you will be inspired and enhanced by sharing this journey of exploration with us here and on Social Media.

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