Anew Light

Anew Light_Jade_Silver_Gold Pendant_POPPYOR Custom.2


Mother and daughter
sift through a chest that holds
mementos of the past
soft malleable gold
traditional repository
of wealth and worth
weighed in ceremony
given at birth.

A vibrant green stone
smooth garden grooves
captures my mind
sends her back in time
a child utterly dependent and shy
looking to mother in all things
the soft swinging green
reflects her curious eye.

Mothers mortality carved
space that day
to meander through
touch, feel, relate.
Commandeered in a gesture
only a daughter would attempt
she swept up the jade
& held it in her hand.

Self-sufficient and grown
with a child of her own
she claimed the stone
and wore it home.
While her belly grew
a daughter inside
upon her breast
rested this tie that binds.

Perspective is fluid
shifting over time
maturity enhances
our ability to
read between the lines.

A woman born in a world
filled her role in triumph
never to complain.
Family ties and loyalty
badges she wears stoically;
what’s held inside
only love can see.

This carved piece remains
of the days before
the family’s stories rise
in the tide of Taipei
with eldest daughter
an ocean away.

In isolation they grew
under the competent care
of her capable mind.
Every action
was taken to expand
her family’s good fortune
in this proud new land.

Two become one
yet are not the same
they look upon these
relics quite differently.
As she softens her gaze,
bridges unfold
judgement gives way
to humble footholds
enveloping the past
in flexible sight
refracted truths revealed
anew light.


Photos of Fabrication

Anew Light_Jade_Silver_Gold Pendant_POPPYOR Custom.Fabrication.1Anew Light_Jade_Silver_Gold Pendant_POPPYOR Custom.Fabrication.2~

Pendant Material: sterling silver, 22k yellow gold from a necklace passed down in the family, sculpted piece of jade from Taiwan, handed down from mother to daughter. The wearer of this pendant wanted a piece of jewelry that captured the beauty of the jade and the memories behind it; she vividly remembers her mother adorning it daily.

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty