Blossom Again


Fiorire di Nuovo

Lives from another
time in this world
when uncertainty
could fester
would hinder
and rise.

Pieces adorned
tokens of truth
signs that the past life
was indeed, theirs before
the war torn
in two.

Flee far
flourish abroad
leaving behind
her world
her life
her loves.

Hope leads
lands the heart

In bloom
once again, peace
by piece together, a family
their future
for those
to come…

blossom again.


Fiorire di Nuovo_Blossom Again_Material for Custom_Ring_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR Custom Jewelry

material used: The beloved pieces of adornment (above) were brought over and worn by the women of a beautiful Italian family; they were torn apart from their loved ones by war. These items were passed down from generation to generation and from one family to the next, and now come together to create one ring (first ring image).

poem by Poppy