Breath of Warmth

Nicolas_Ring_Wedding Band_POPPYOR


I have a gift,
it is this singular moment
pure happiness with you

I see life together,
yet if all the tomorrows
do not come to be

I will be happy,
to have shared this moment
of love with you

beautiful is your soul,

you strive,
to make it
a better place

you encourage me,
center me
and breathe warmth into me

I am more in love,
with you today
than yesterday.


Nick & Meghan_Wedding_Alexa Rae Photography_3

combined engagement & wedding ring material (hers): 18k yellow gold, conflict-free (lab-grown) diamond

wedding ring material (his): 18k yellow gold

The poem is derived from the vows he said to her.

Wedding photography by Alexa Rae