Curation & Creation

Why Heorth?

Stories are Told and Life Designs Unfold at the Heorth It’s everything that POPPYOR was. However with the this evolution it’s a chance for us to shine a spotlight on our original and continuous vision, the importance of story sharing, diving within to unearth the potential that lies in each of us and adorning one’s self with intention. […]

Source, the Material Nature

As we began our collaboration we considered the most basic elements of woking with precious metal. We considered the nature of the Source materials of our collections. Gold and silver are materials have their own energetic quality. No piece of material is the same. Each has its own character and will take its own shape […]

Our Handmade Jewelry Designs Carry Depth of Meaning

Our handmade jewelry designs involve a depth of conceptual exploration that imbues the pieces with energy and meaning that you will feel. When we are working on a collection we are exploring questions that are timeless and of universal significance to all individuals. What central themes of life are shared by all people? What are […]