Inquiry & Symbolism

Sun Sign in Virgo = Earth

Our Elements collection is mindfully designed to bring us into conversations; first and foremost, with ourselves, and then with others. Each of the Elements speaks to a different aspect of life and invites us to consider questions that can inform our choices. Our Earth adornments invite us to explore questions about the material aspects of living: resources, […]

Nourish Yourself

Heorth is a place where… we gather to reflect upon what is happening in our lives, to tell stories of our life, learn from others, grieve, grow, celebrate, release and share our dreams for our future.   Heorth is a place to make meaning and forge symbols that we carry forward in our life‘s journey. […]


“I gather my thoughts as I inhale… and exhale my words with clarity.” Air is the easiest thing in the world to take for granted and yet the most vital aspect of our life. Each breath we draw is literal life support. Taking it to the the next level of awareness, we discover that the […]


“I am grounded… and I am growing.” The wondrous variety, splendid vistas, vibrancy and abundant life of our Earthly home is truly astounding. The soil gives rise to our nourishment, remedies and the most essential material for the structures we live, work, create and play within. Mountain peaks represent the pinnacle of personal triumph, visionary […]


“I gain insight by being attuned to my emotions & intuition” The majority of our body and the Earth’s body is comprised of water. Water flows through us, holds us, replenishes us, renews us and moves us. Rising from wellsprings it emerges as curative waters, just as tears flowing from our eyes bring emotional release. […]


“I burn through fear and doubt.” Without fire we freeze solid. The sun’s immense radiance is the critical source of energy for all life as we know it. Earth’s own internal combustion, arising as magma to the surface fuels the formation of her landscapes. Mastery of fire was a key turning point in the evolution […]

Heorth Elements Collection is an Invitation to Inquiry

Heorth Elements collection of adornments is a enlightening exploration into a foundational symbolism that reflects the basic building blocks of all we experience. When engaged actively the Elements provide a way of orienting in the world that can support self-awareness, self-direction and self-actualization. Our Elements collection is an exploration of how ancient and contemporary traditions […]

Feminine & Masculine Qualities in Inner Union

Feminine & Masculine qualities and the way they mingle within each of us is the inquiry behind our Union Collection. This collection is an exploration of the way that our cultural understanding of feminine and masculine energies and attributes impacts the way we see ourselves, engage our potential and relate to one another. Feminine & […]

Symbolism in our Jewelry Design

Heorth jewelry design is deep in symbolic meaning. Symbols and metaphor are at the heart of all human communication and creation. Understanding the ways thoughts, beliefs, intentions and aspirations are reinforced through symbols is enlightening and empowering. Our passion is identifying and explore aspects of individual and collective experience represented in symbol, archetype and metaphor. […]