Intention & Affirmation

Sun Sign in Virgo = Earth

Our Elements collection is mindfully designed to bring us into conversations; first and foremost, with ourselves, and then with others. Each of the Elements speaks to a different aspect of life and invites us to consider questions that can inform our choices. Our Earth adornments invite us to explore questions about the material aspects of living: resources, […]

Nourish Yourself

Heorth is a place where… we gather to reflect upon what is happening in our lives, to tell stories of our life, learn from others, grieve, grow, celebrate, release and share our dreams for our future.   Heorth is a place to make meaning and forge symbols that we carry forward in our life‘s journey. […]

Using Affirmations as you Adorn Yourself

Using Affirmations as you Adorn Yourself Using affirmations in your daily life is key to actualize your aspirations. One of the primary motivations for creating Heorth was to explore how to use the the material of our lives to affirm who we are and what we desire to create of our lives. In our exploration […]

“Bound” 7 Strand Oxidized Sterling Silver Wrap Ring (optional diamond)

What are you Bound for in this life?

It’s so easy to spin in the circuitous circuitry of thinking. In some moments we feel boundless. We sense we are bound for love, glory, peace, prosperity… In others we feel bound by the limitations of our body, our family of origin, our circumstances, our thinking… The key to creating the life we envision in […]

Our Handmade Jewelry Designs Carry Depth of Meaning

Our handmade jewelry designs involve a depth of conceptual exploration that imbues the pieces with energy and meaning that you will feel. When we are working on a collection we are exploring questions that are timeless and of universal significance to all individuals. What central themes of life are shared by all people? What are […]