Grains, of creative light,
inherent within the human heart,
concealed by the hardships of life.

Struggling, guileless at times,
girls and boys, don urban armor,
shielding the potential inside.

A gift, for the world concealed,
still, a parent’s eye can see.

Living, with the longing to know;
is it only me?

A communal question borne,
through each demanding day,
hope, continually revived,
by dreams, where they thrive.

Seeds’ promise stirs musings,
in the mind of a family,
related by mission,
sharing bonds of humanity.

Donors, organizers, visionaries conspire,
uniting artists and students,
to harness the mysteries of connectivity,
setting the creative process,

In the earnest embrace of community,
a safe place to express, explore,
be seen.

Trust inspired by virtuosity,
shields, shed gradually.

Loosed layers manifest, myriad forms.
Converted energy, imbues choreography.
Inspiration echoes, throughout the halls.
Studios ring, viewers enthralled.

Parents, with eyes of wonder.
Oscillate with tears of relief,
as recognition resounds,
in instructors’ sighs, of belief.

Muses take heart,
at this stunning sight,
grains of potential,
springing to life;
is there a purer delight?


– The Exterior –

CHAW Muse_Presentation_Top Layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_2nd layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_3rd Layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_5th Layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_6th Layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_7th Layer_POPPYOR
CHAW Muse_Presentation_Final Layer_POPPYOR

– Uncover to Discover –CHAW Muse_Digging Deeper_POPPYOR CHAW Muse_Exploration_Opening_POPPYOR

– Quite Reflection –CHAW Muse_Reflection_POPPYOR

– The Pieces –CHAW Muse_Earrings_POPPYOR CHAW Muse_Rings_POPPYOR CHAW Muse_Cufflinks_POPPYOR CHAW Muse_Necklaces_POPPYOR~

– Fabrication Process –

Muse_Fabrication Process_POPPYOR


These were ‘Thank You’ gifts that were presented and given to CHAW’s Circle of Muses. Each Muse had the option to choose a set of cufflinks, a necklace, earrings or a ring.

Material: sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, sapphires (blue, white, yellow)

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty

More information about CHAW and the Circle of Muses