Circulation of a Beat

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Found, not from the blue, or read from a book, fate, never looked back, or mistook.

Atlas-time, has, been at play, the heart’s beat, led the way.

Image, in, beneath, this known state, allowed, a whisper, songs permeate.

Passage, opens, chapters, are next, lines, soulfully merge, becoming the text.



Conceptual Design & Fabrication

Music_Heart Beat_Illistration

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A Day to Celebrate!

Beat_Poem_Custom Wedding Rings_POPPYOR  Christel & Darrin_Wedding_POPPYOR Custom4POPPYOR_Custom Wedding Rings_& Bridal Jewelry

Rings_Together_Custom Wedding Band_POPPYOR

Wedding Photography by Erik Leise of Special Day Photo

With his love and talent to listen to music, from deep inside his heart, and her passion to see strength, growth and change throughout the community, these two individuals came together serendipitously... unknowing that for the rest of their lives they would be side by side. The conceptual design of these rings arose as I became more familiar with his ability to understand the unseen world through music and so with that, a beat (his passion), two beats (their passions), eight beats (eternally) became the theme. In the search for inspiration, I studied the heart beat, what a music beat is, how the two transfer... and surprisingly, I came across an illustration that conveyed both. From there logistically he wasn't too keen on the idea of having any type of design on the face of his band, so I took the design of hers and incorporated into the core (interior) of his; not only allowing for the design to flow from one ring to the other, but pulling the concept of the beats from the outside, into the core...

... of a Beat.


Ring Material: palladium, conflict-free white diamonds (hers), de-oxidized sterling silver (his) - Heartbeat/Music Illustration Credit (above): Artist unknown, found on