Symbols are at the heart of all communication and creation. Understanding the ways that thoughts, beliefs, intentions and aspirations are reinforced through symbols is enlightening. Using symbols in our lives as touchstones of intention is empowering, and an effective way to support the design process of our own destiny.

At Heorth we identify and explore characteristics, attributes and energies represented in symbol, metaphor and archetype. Our intention is to create adornments that support relationships with symbols to help us actualize the potential within each of us to heal, grow, evolve, create, connect, serve, thrive….

Each aspect of the creative process is oriented toward 1. honing an essential theme 2. asking a central question 3. creating a design that reflects the potential of evolution.


Gifts given far and wide... Once a Heorth piece is purchased, a little something will be sent via email. Each design has it's own Adorn with Intention guided mediation that will not only bring ease to the body and mind, but also allows the wearer to explore the symbolism behind that design.

In turn, this guides the wearer to consider the attributes and inquiries reflective of that symbol, and provides an opportunity for each individual to create a personal intention to connect with their newly acquired adornment.