Our fabrication process honors a powerful truth of the modern world: each decision we make as a consumer ripples through the environment and the lives of other people with either positive or negative effect.


We have done our research and only select material and gemstones that is are 100% recycled or ethically sourced. The establishments and organization that we work with are held at high regard in the jewelry industry, as they follow strict SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) Global Service guidelines and the Kimberly process.

For jewelry that is hand-fabricated from start to finish, all pieces are made in-house by Heorth’s lead metalsmith, Poppy and her team of talented bench jewelers. If a piece is to be cast (re-produced), the masters are designed and hand-fabricated in-house, and go on to be produced locally.


Beyond these ethical and environmental considerations, we encourage the wearers of our pieces to adopt the Adorn with Intention lifestyle. This desire stems from an understanding that value lies in meaningful choices, and choosing quality over quantity supports individual and collective well-being in ways that cannot be quantified.