Custom Jewelry… When Stories are Told, Designs will Unfold

Custom Design at Heorth embodies storytelling, legacy and personal myth. Lead by acclaimed designer, fabricator and poetess Poppy Charpentier. This enriching process begins with an inquiry into the energy that encompasses each couple or individual. From this foundation, a design unfolds.

How is our process different from others? We are taking the ancient art of storytelling and metalsmithing, and adding contemporary design techniques to create uniquely personalized items that are formed from the narrations of life.

Custom Jewelry at Heorth is One of a Kind

The custom jewelry design and fabrication process at Heorth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a master designer and fabricator to create a piece that captures what is unique about you, your love, your triumphs, your transitions, your personal aesthetic and evolution.

All of the depth of thought and inquiry that is behind our collections is focused upon the individual or couple to create what you envision as being your perfect piece of jewelry, or something that you have always been looking for and haven’t found, yet.

Our Custom Jewelry Process is Evolutionary

Over a decade of custom jewelry design experience has taught Poppy that the magic lies in approaching the design process as one of discovery. Poppy has honed an approach that brings individuals and couples into a process of intimate conversation, connection and creativity.

From the initial consultation, exchange of ideas, sharing of sketches and renderings to the approval of a model, each step is an opportunity to further refine the story that the piece with ultimately symbolize. Please click here to further explore the process and here to peruse Poppy’s extensive custom portfolio.

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