Custom Process

Custom Process

The custom design and fabrication process below highlights the general steps, however each design may take it's own unique course.


1. Initial Design Consultation

Prior to the initial meeting, it is helpful for potential clients to submit basic information for their desired piece, such as a small description, material and a general budget. For any additional custom jewelry questions, please email us at

After reviewing the inquiry, our principal designer will be in contact setup the initial design consultation, or send a follow-up email with questions to better understand the desired piece. The initial consultation allows the client to fully understand the process, ask questions, and present ideas. Clients are invited to bring items and images to provide inspiration and guidance during the design process (or even a partially conceived design of your own). During the meeting, Poppy will ask questions in order to better understand the story behind the individuals and couple, which in turn will inform the conceptual design. If clients are interested in a completely novel creation, the designer is happy to start from scratch to create the perfect piece to compliment your unique dialogues and identities.

During the initial consultation, material options, ring style, engraving choices, and measurements will be reviewed. If the client is aware of any metal allergies, than that will need to be taken into account, please let us know at this time. Additionally, metal material and stones found in heirloom jewelry can be incorporated, please let Poppy know beforehand. After the initial meeting, the client will receive a follow up email containing an overview of the conversation. We ask that the client responds with their decision to proceed to the design step within a week’s time and with proceeding, we will send a Design Agreement to review and sign; the design process itself generally takes a week to complete.

2. Design Presentation

To open the meeting, sometimes a small poem about the conceptual design will be read, providing both a moment of stillness and the perfect prelude to the presentation. Designs are then presented in full, either a rotating 3D rendering, actual wax or metal models, and/or sketches. The design will indicate stone placement, a full description of the materials used, texture, finish, approximate timeline from start to finish, and an initial quote. Following the presentation, the client will have the opportunity to suggest alterations to the design. If any alterations are desired, a new design and quote will be sent to you via email. Once the design and materials are approved, the fabrication begins.

3. Fabrication & Final Fittings

The fabrication process of any custom piece of jewelry is quite unique. Depending on the final design, items can be hand-fabricated, or cast in metal after being carved and molded from wax or designed and printed with our 3D wax printer. Whichever way your piece is fabricated, each step is calibrated perfectly and examined thoroughly. Prior to the final fabrication steps, Poppy may meet briefly with the client for a final fitting of the wax mold. Depending on the intricacy and stones used, the designer may ask to meet briefly once more for a metal ring fitting prior to stone setting and engraving.

4. Hand-Finishing, Stone Setting & Engraving

Once the alterations and size adjustments are made, we will finish the piece with any desired surface texture, finish, stone setting, and engraving.

5. Final Presentation

Along with the client's custom designed and fabricated rings, Poppy may also present the client with photos of the piece(s) being designed, fabricated, and finished, as well as the personalized poem. Included will be the original proposal, invoice, a signed personalized letter, letter of authentication, a description of the lifetime warranty and a GIA Certificate (if applicable).

Custom Designed Jewelry- Long Distance

Interested in a custom designed piece, but not in the DC Metro area? Not a problem! Poppy can easily execute the same design process… just a little farther away. For long distance custom orders, the designer prefers to begin the process by sending a list of questions for the conceptual design, similar to the questions that are asked during the initial in person consultation, as well as the logistical aspects of working together. We can substitute a phone call or video chat for the in-person meetings. We will then proceed with the design and fabrication as we do for our local clients, however the fabrication process may take a few weeks longer if models need to be sent back and forth to check fit.


The design and fabrication process can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks (or longer), depending on the intricacy of the design and any adjustments made during the fabrication process. Clients will be given a customized timeline as part of the design proposal and quote.

Begin the Design Process

In order to begin the process, please contact us or submit a Custom Inquiry Form. Once we have reviewed your inquiry we will setup the initial consultation in person or via phone/email. If you have any additional questions, please visit our contact page or email us at

Please note, when setting up the initial in-person consultation, we will ask for your contact and credit card information. No unauthorized charges will be made, however if the scheduled initial consultation is canceled within 6 hours of the meeting time or failure to appear for the meeting, there will be a charge of $35. For additional information, please visit our Custom Jewelry Terms, Conditions and Warranty page.