Custom Terms, Conditions & Warranty

Custom Terms & Conditions

Initial Consultation & Design Meetings


In order to secure the initial in-person design consultation, we ask that you call or email us with your contact and credit card information. There is no charge for the initial meeting, however a $35 cancellation fee will be applied for no-shows and meetings canceled less than 6 hours prior to the appointment. If you are local and would like to begin and proceed via email, we are happy to conduct the same custom process as we would long distance.

Long Distance

For long distance custom orders, we prefer to begin the process by sending a list of questions regarding the conceptual design as well as well as the logistical aspects of working together. These questions are similar to the ones asked during the initial in person consultation.

We ask that clients (both local and long-distance) send us their decision on whether or not to proceed with designs within a week of the initial consultation; this will help both the client and designer capture the energy from the initial meeting.

Design Meeting

Based on the complexity of the design process, there will be a $150-$350 non-refundable fee for the initial design.  The fee will be discussed during your Initial Consultation and included in the Custom Design Agreement. This fee will not be applied until the design process has begun and will be absorbed into the final cost of the custom piece. If for any reason the client chooses not to proceed with the custom design and fabrication process, the non-refundable design fee will be retained.

Design Agreement, Completion & Delivery

Once the final design is approved in writing (emails are accepted), a completion date is set and a 50% non-refundable deposit of the final cost is required. Once the deposit is paid the fabrication will begin.

If you would like to cancel the project, please let us know in writing.  We will discontinue any fabrication, the 50% deposit will be retained, and the original design fee will be refunded.  At that point there will be a 30-day grace period for you to decide to re-start the same project at no additional cost.

You will be notified once your piece(s) have been completed. We will hand deliver the piece(s) or send a fully insured shipment via FedEx. Once the final piece is presented, we will then ask if any alterations are needed (e.g., sizing or measurement adjustments).  We want to be absolutely sure that each individual is 100% satisfied with the look and feel of their custom designed piece.

Returns & Refunds

We are happy to offer custom design services. We emphasize getting to know each client personally, whether it’s local or long distance. We have found that having a strong understanding of who the client is, their upbringing, stories, and visions, ensures that the end product matches their experiences and personal, metaphorical aesthetics.

Please note that we do not offer exchanges, credits, or refunds for custom pieces. If you are not completely satisfied with the final fabricated piece, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are in love with the end product.

Shipping & Delivery

Because custom orders are so precious, and have taken so much time and love by both the designer and client, we ship them with extra care. The shipping cost for a custom order starts at $30 due to the cost of premium shipping and insurance from FedEx. The estimated cost for your shipment will be included as a separate line in your Design Proposal.

Custom Warranty

Custom designed and fabricated jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. Wear and tear is normal and we want our clients to feel comfortable wearing their jewelry at all times; this is how it becomes a part of you. However with that, comes scuffs, scraps and the list goes on. With all custom pieces, we offer a lifetime warranty. At anytime that a client would like a little “reviving” of their beloved item, the client is welcome to ship or deliver it to us, we’ll polish, bring it back to life and send it on it’s way. Beyond a light buff, sometimes jewelry needs a little more TLC. Maintenance is highly recommended to keep your piece happy and you, the client as well. This includes re-tipping prongs, replacing worn metal and tightening stones. If you find that you would like any of the services above, please contact us for further instruction.  These services are free of charge. Clients are responsible for the shipping costs to us, however we will pay for secured and insured shipping back to the client.

When wearing a new piece of jewelry (especially wedding bands), it’s normal for it to feel peculiar, but overtime rings will settle in and feel like a second skin. Should the client have any strong discomfort in wearing their ring, alternations can be made. Initial re-sizing or additional alterations can be requested by the client and free of charge. There after, re-sizing of a ring will be $40 (base price, increases depending on material use and labor charges) and any additional alterations must be authorized by us before sent back for work so we can be certain that the alterations are feasible. Should a client find that a gemstone(s) that we set by us, falls out, we will need to inspect the item to determine if it was a indeed a faulty setting. From there, if the gemstone is deemed lost, we can replace the stone to a certain value, which will be stated in the client’s custom proposal. Please be mindful that it is important to add fine jewelry to a homeowners, renters or individual policy; this will protect against loss, damage or theft of jewelry.  We will provide you with a GIA certified gemstone rating when purchased for a custom piece; note that only sizable stones come with a GIA certification. If a gemstone breaks or cracks, we do not offer a guarantee or composition. If we are working with beloved heirlooms, we will inspect the stone and happy to offer the client an appraisal. Appraisals are recommended for fine jewelry of a certain value for insurance purposes.