Material & Manifestation

"I am grounded... and I am growing."

The wondrous variety, splendid vistas, vibrancy and abundant life of our Earthly home is truly astounding.

The soil gives rise to our nourishment, remedies and the most essential material for the structures we live, work, create and play within.

Mountain peaks represent the pinnacle of personal triumph, visionary quests and the sacred search for a higher truth.

Valleys provide shelter from the elements and fertile ground upon which we can put down roots.

Caves all over the world are are regarded as both wombs and tombs; evocative places of refuge, incubation, death, initiation and rebirth.

Striking out own or own we forge our own path through the landscape of life.

Testing our strength and courage we venture into the wilderness.

Drawing upon the Earth’s resources we bring our dreams into form.

Losing ourself in her vastness we find ourselves connected to all things.

Lying on her body we look up at the stars and feel safely held.

Jungles ringing with the sounds of life and death hidden behind endless curtains of lush greenery frighten and delight.

We trudge through the muck of the marsh on the edge of a trnsitions completion as the ground begins to solidify under us.

Responsibly accepting our independence, we come into right relationship with our internal and external resources.

Through focused effort lay down solid foundations to create a home of our own.

Patiently persisting we turn raw material into objects of usefulness and beauty.

Utilizing resources with care we provide for the next generation.

We chose to explore the four Elements as a foundational Heorth collection because understanding this symbolism and thinking elementally supports the realization of the lives we intend.

We chose to explore the four Elements as a foundational Heorth collection because understanding this symbolism and thinking elementally can support the practical realization of the lives we intend.

When you purchase an adornment from the Water collection our Adorn with Intention guided meditation will be sent to your inbox. Using it to explore the symbolism of Water, you will create a personal intention to connect to your chosen adornment. Your piece becomes a touchstone to remind you to process feelings and emotions mindfully to align with your intuitive wisdom.

In our journal, on social media and through our Adorn with Intention practices we will share our explorations of how we and you can work with the many meanings of Earth to explore how to process our feelings mindfully, cultivate emotional intelligence and attune to our intuitive insight.

We hope you will be inspired and enhanced by sharing this journey of exploration with us here and on Social Media.

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