Heorth Elements Collection is an Invitation to Inquiry

Heorth Elements collection of adornments is a enlightening exploration into a foundational symbolism that reflects the basic building blocks of all we experience. When engaged actively the Elements provide a way of orienting in the world that can support self-awareness, self-direction and self-actualization.

Our Elements collection is an exploration of how ancient and contemporary traditions throughout the world actively engage the four Elements – Air (some traditions refer to as Wind or Breath), Fire, Water and Earth.

The Elements are regarded as both the foundational ingredients for existence as well as the energies and attributes that are active within us that we can harness to navigate our lives with skillful equipoise.

They are the basis of systems, including Ayurvedic Medicine, that articulate comprehensive understandings of human characteristics, energies and ways that energy expresses through feelings, thoughts, words, material and actions to create our lives.

Air, Fire, Water and Earth carry deep and universal symbolism that reflect potent and powerful realities and aspects of being that, when considered consciously, support humans to live integrated awake fulfilling lives.

The Elements are essential to all cosmologies and in their basic fundamental nature are some of the most powerful symbols that individuals can orient toward to cultivate qualities needed to bring their bodies, minds and spirits into a state of equilibrium.

Our intention is not to lump together traditions that orient around the Elements nor is it to present a comprehensive survey. We have a great respect for how different philosophical orientations and cultural systems reflect nuances of perception that are unique and insightful.

Our intention is to draw upon different understandings to spark insight, evoke empowerment and inspire curiosity. We will provide references and suggestions along the way for those who feel compelled to follow a particular thread of inquiry to go deeper.

Choose an adornment from our Elements collection and begin to explore how you are utilizing the energy and working with the aspects of yourself and life that element symbolizes.

Stay tuned to our posts and blogs as we explore the elements individually and be inspired to explore how you can more potently utilize your energy (Fire), hone emotional intelligence (Water), think and communicate with clarity (Air) and tend to the material aspects of life (Earth).

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