Etoiles, Notre Monde and a Band

This union, an arch,

walls have been built, great length, with balance, is strength.

Adorned with stars, absorb and reflect, noise, speak, sound, that of which surrounds.

Lives, lived with compassion, selfless, to grow, roots, from deep below.

Clear, the world, will not always be, yet this shadowy shade, is not dark, indeed.

A reflection of that we have learned, patience, embrace, from those around, the moment, bound.

Never forget, always, be guided, by our own facets

ย and might, your stars, my stars, will be, our forever light.


A long time ago, alongside a river, a run.

They would profess, unite, amongst the warmth, under the sun. With two strands of Papyrus, braided together, became one.

A circle, is what, it shall be, formed, by a finger, it shall drape.

Decided, selfish never again, with a flood, their love took shape, Known at that moment, that their union, would be left for them, for fate.

This band, no beginning, with no end. with not one corner, where one can hide, they traveled through life, together, around each bend.

Alas, the space, a gateway, door, full of choices, all known and the unknown, and that moment, they live in, was that, this blend.

Wedding Day Tokens from All_POPPYOR_web~

Two lives intertwine,

taking shape in the

shadows and the shine.

Individuals are potentialities



capable of struggling

toward self-sufficiency.

Beyond this lies

a set of infinite possibility

wholly dependent upon

the witnessing

of another soul,

whose receptive gaze,

open listening

conjures forth

what lies dormant.

Held in the attention

of loving observation

with a quantum leap

the potentialities of two

collapse into

ONE shared reality

presented and professed

to family and friends

the circle of love expands.

by Jessica Epperson-Lusty


Wedding Day Tokens (last photo, from left to right): Baby's Breath was worn in the hair of the bride's mother when she was married to her father, engagement ring and wedding bands, 50 pence, cobalt blue bead hair pin which represent the bride's mother's favorite color and was given as a symbol at memorial wake of her mother in 2004, cluster diamond earrings (white gold and conflict-free diamonds) to complete the collection from the bride's grandmother that began when she was 15 years of age, 14k rose gold Grain earrings worn as a token of the bride's childhood friend.

ring material: 18k yellow gold