Energy & Action

“I burn through fear and doubt.”

Without fire we freeze solid.

The sun’s immense radiance is the critical source of energy for all life as we know it.

Earth’s own internal combustion, arising as magma to the surface fuels the formation of her landscapes.

Mastery of fire was a key turning point in the evolution of our species and it is likewise a critical aspect of our personal evolution.

Command of fire was and is essential to create the tools that open the door to an whole new level of comfort and creativity.

Energized by passion we venture into the unknown.

Courageously illuminating the darkened places within ourselves we explore and grow.

We light candles to honor the mystery of life and death.

Gathering around the hearth's glow we make meaning of our life experiences.

Dreams fueled with enthusiasm set the world ablaze.

Most of us know that if we play with fire we might get burned. At the same time, we also know we have to walk through the fire of initiation to get anywhere worth going.

When misused or uncontrolled our own fire in the form of our passions and desire can destroy just as firearms and heat energy are used as weapons that threaten humanity.

Fire is light, heat, passion, energy, power and the ability to digest the material of our lives.  

Fire is to be respected and used wisely.

Throughout world culture, fire is regarded as a source of energy and transformation.

When used mindfully, the fire in our bellies literally turns the material of our lives in to energy to fuel our dreams.

With practice and skill we can burn through inner obstacles to the realize our aims.  

Learning to work with the fire in our own being consciously helps us strike the sweet spot between stagnation and burnout.  

We chose to explore the four Elements as a foundational Heorth collection because understanding this symbolism and thinking elementally can support the practical realization of the lives we intend.

When you purchase an adornment from the Fire collection our Adorn with Intention guided meditation will be sent to your inbox. Using it to explore the symbolism of Air, you will create a personal intention to connect to your chosen adornment. Your piece becomes a touchstone affirming the thoughts and beliefs that support your unique aspirations.


In our journal, on social media and through our Adorn with Intention practices we will share our explorations of how we and you can work with the many meanings of how we work with Air to enhance our creativity, navigate our nervous system and refine our thinking.

We hope you will be inspired and enhanced by sharing this journey of exploration with us here and on Social Media.

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