Forging (A)Symmetry

Custom_Ring_back_Where I Stand_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR


A symbol of where,
I stand today.
Boldly balancing,
what my love sees in me, what I see in myself.
A collection of the ornaments that were adorned,
passed down by the women,
whoโ€™s genes take new form.
In me,
Influences carried forward,
reconfigure shapes, unexpected,
defying old, defining new,
Between the women that stood before,
the woman, I am standing as.
On solid ground, shaping my past,
for the world, to see.
Slipping the secret stone,
just for me.


Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty

Ring Material: Palladium, white diamonds from beloved rings (heirlooms) of the wearer’s mother and grandmother, ruby