Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be applied to:

Heorth Collections

When your friend or beloved uses their certificate and chooses an adornment from one of our collections, they will receive an Adorn with Intention guided meditation. Thus you are also giving them an opportunity to engage with themselves deeply through the symbolism behind the design as well as to craft a personalized clear intention to connect with their piece so that your gift becomes a touchstone of affirmation in their life.

Repurposed Jewelry

If they choose to apply their gift certificate to a repurpose piece, they will be able to bring material from their own collection, perhaps a piece of jewelry that has a sweet story behind it, but no longer serves their soul style. They can repurpose it into a form that reflects who they are and who they are becoming.

Custom Commissions

Applying your gift to a custom piece, which would be the deepest form of process that we offer, enables the giftee to share their story in depth and we work with them to design a piece that is an original reflection their story. These processes most often involve engagement rings or wedding bands. Thus, this is a thoughtful and meaningful gift to a newly engaged couple or someone you know who is considering a proposal to their beloved.

How to Purchase a Gift Certificate

Please contact us at and indicate the amount for the gift certificate and what you would like to say on the card to the recipient. We will confirm your order via email and ask that you call us with your credit card information. Certificates will be placed in the mail with a personalized note as soon as your payment is processed.