Good Fortune Revised

Godd Fortune_Upcycled Jewelry_Earrings_Poppyor~

We’ve found our firm on an auspicious day,
St. Paddy’s in March, what da ya say?

Got the luck of the Irish on our side.
Does that mean we get the clover?

Yes! Let’s put it in our logo!
On this point, we will not roll over.

Our most loyal folks we’ll gift in gold;
their own set; make them shiny and bold.

So it went and you received,
your own set of shamrocks, blingy indeed.

A symbol of accomplishment and membership too,
a club you decided wasn’t quite right for you.

This memento remains of the uniform
you wore with success until you gave leave
to chart a path creative and free
of the trappings of corporate conformity.

Turning over new leaves, deconstructing the past
seeing what new forms you can define
open to the possibilities of how you might shine
  re-imagined anew and personally refined.


Good Fourtune_Repureposed Jewelry_Fabrication_3_Poppyor

Good Fourtune_Repureposed Jewelry_Fabrication_Poppyor


“These little shamrocks represent such a substantial part of my life – the many years spent as a lawyer, learning the craft while building character, long hours in the office, making lifelong friends.  Though that experience continues to recede into the past, it is and always will be an integral part of who I am today.  I always felt bad that those blingy shamrocks, not to my aesthetic taste, laid dormant in my top dresser drawer, as though abandoned.  POPPYOR has recreated them in a beautiful and fresh way, so that I now wear them almost daily, a visible reminder of a piece of my past that is close to my heart – Love and thanks to you, POPPYOR!” – Frances Wu-Chesser, Co-Owner of RaReR Design, Washington, DC

Godd Fortune_Upcycled Jewelry_Chain_Poppyor.


Earring & Bracelet Material: re-purposed gold shamrock earrings and pendant (14k yellow gold), oxidized sterling silver. These pieces are from the Heirloom Evolution collection, with a few semi-custom design elements and accouterments.

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty