Our Handmade Jewelry Designs Carry Depth of Meaning

Our handmade jewelry designs involve a depth of conceptual exploration that imbues the pieces with energy and meaning that you will feel.

When we are working on a collection we are exploring questions that are timeless and of universal significance to all individuals.

What central themes of life are shared by all people?

What are the qualities and characteristics essential to living lives of meaning and fulfillment?

What do we aspire to embody in our lives?

How do we manifest our creative potential?

Our Handmade Jewelry Designs Invite the Wearer to Adorn with Intention

Our handmade jewelry designs are an exploration of the origins of adornment that translate powerfully into the modern impulse to live lives of deep meaning.

We create pieces that reflect something beyond a desire to wear something beautiful. Our adornments capture the original impulse to adorn ourselves with objects that are touchstones for who you are, what you value and who you are becoming.

Our Adorn & Affirm practice invites individuals into a deeper relationship with the material of their lives by working with their objects of adornment to create touchstones of deep meaning and identity.

Handmade Jewelry Designs that Inspire Personal Evolution

Our Handmade Jewelry Designs are imbued with meaning from the moment of inspiration to the moment we release it to the wearer. Each comes with suggested self-inquiry designed to support the wearer in embodying the attributes within the symbols.

As you work with the inquiries and wear your piece you are led to affirmations that become a personalized part of the piece. In this process the what began as an inquiry into universal questions becomes a individualized affirmation.

Each time you see the piece reflected in the mirror and feel it on your skin it is a reminder of the intention it is connected to and the personal empowerments you are cultivating to manifest your aspirations.

Click here to engage with our Adorn & Affirm Practice to learn how to turn your adornments into powerful touchstones for what you are affirming in your life.

Photo by Leslie Mansour

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