Gather around for a...

Circle Celebration

A unique way to create a memorable experience for a group of friends, women, girls you love, colleagues, customers or special clients. It’s an opportunity to celebrate who we are as unique individuals and explore our current intentions.
These gatherings are a cross between a trunk show, story circle and mindfulness workshop. How did we ever come up with such an idea you ask? In short, we are multitasking mamas who are passionate about living intentional, mindful and beautiful lives. In our own quest to figure out how to build more mindfulness into full days, we turned to the history of something we love, adornments.



Schedule a phone chat with us, so that we can better understand the occasion; we'll customize the celebration based on your desires.


We'll send out a Heorth Circle Celebration invitation once the guest list has been organized.


You set the scene, we'll arrive an hour ahead to set up and then facilitate an inspiring experience for you and your guests.

Types of Circles Offered

Circle of Connection

In our fast paced, urgent lifestyles there’s often little room for celebrating in meaningful ways, moments of accomplishment or honor what we bring to the world that contributes to ourselves and others. Guests are given an opportunity to identify the attributes they are focusing on cultivating in themselves to live more aligned with their intentions. This version of the Hearth circle is one that is beautifully bonding for a group of friends, family members, mothers and daughters or groups who work closely together.

Circle of Celebration

Celebrate with an intimate group the milestones found throughout life; a marriage proposal, matrimony and welcoming a new member to the family are just a few to name. This circle allows for guests to soften and take repose from their busy lives. Along with moments of glee, we'll also find spots of stillness. In turn, this will allow all to find the beauty within as they explore and celebrate their own lives through our Elements collection.

Circle of Appreciation...

This is an opportunity to honor and express gratitude for customers, clients or members of a team that contribute to your endeavors. As we explore the symbols that inspire our Elements collection, we create a experience of reflection to come into deeper self-awareness. This creates an environment to share in a mindfulness exercise together to foster meaningful connections through a recognition of the unique attributes that the your invitees presence in life.

P.S. There are perks for hosting & your guests!