I’m In Love With a Girl


Ring, all rounded, Boundless, him, her, their coo.

Growth, of one, Evolving, as two.

Uncertainty, and unknown, a passage way through,

Will one day unravel, and become, a familiar, virtue.

Quiet warmth, will be, the clue,

That a lifetime has passed, of admiration, affliction, devotion and will,

And that friendship, truth and love, will be, of a Lapis blue, hue.

… named Alexandra


This ring, far had one of the best beginnings. The first email inquiry about the custom engagement ring from the husband-to-be, started right off by stating, “I’m in love with a girl named Alexandra!” So here’s to Nate & Alex, may their honesty always be strongly stated as it was from the start.


Ring Material: 14k white gold, blue topaz, opal, lapis lazuli (engagement ring to wedding bands titled, Billowing Bands)