Symbolism in our Jewelry Design

Heorth jewelry design is deep in symbolic meaning. Symbols and metaphor are at the heart of all human communication and creation. Understanding the ways thoughts, beliefs, intentions and aspirations are reinforced through symbols is enlightening and empowering.

Our passion is identifying and explore aspects of individual and collective experience represented in symbol, archetype and metaphor. Our intention is to create adornments that support active relationships with the potential within all of us to heal, grow, evolve, create, connect, serve, thriveโ€ฆ.

Jewelry Design that Harnesses the Power of Intention

In our jewelry design each aspect of the creative process is oriented toward honing an essential theme, asking a central question and then, creating designs that reflect this potential to evolve.

We understand that intention is the first step in manifestation. We are committed to creating adornments that ignite the creative spark in the wearer.

Jewelry Design that Reflects Your Personal Aspirations

Our jewelry design process is carefully undertaken to support the empowerment of individuals who choose to adorn themselves with pieces from our collections.

Each adornment we create is imbued with meaning and comes with suggested self-inquiries. As you work with them you are led to affirmations that become a personalized part of the piece.

Each time you see the piece reflected in the mirror and feel it on your skin it is a reminder of the intention it is connected to and the personal empowerments you are cultivating to manifest your aspirations.

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