Material, Source

Gold Grains_Anvil_Hammer_Studio POPPYOR

Pure pleasure is how I describe working with Poppy (owner and principal designer of POPPYOR) on the conceptual design of her new collection Source. One of the many reasons I was attracted to Poppy is the conscious approach she takes in procuring materials, designing and fabricating. Reflecting upon the values that underpin her creative process and the preparation of her original pieces served as the foundational conceptual framework of this collection. In considering Source, we reflect on the source of inspiration as well as the material that comprises our pieces.

One of the farthest reaching impacts we make in our world come through our decisions as consumers. Our choices ripple through the environment and the lives of other people. Poppy has done her research to select sources for precious metals that carry the Harmony recycled precious metals and Fairmined assurance label that guarantee third-party verification of “world leading standards for responsible practices, delivering social development and environmental protection” and selects only conflict-free gemstones.

Sources of inspiration for this collection reflect qualities that are at the heart and soul of our lives. Our intention is to create pieces that carry this concept through in material form and remind us to live mindful of our relationship to time, power, change and that which we desire to manifest in the world.

Our hope is that they inspire you to consider the reason we choose to adorn ourselves and imbue what we choose with reminders of our deeper intentions. When feeling the cool material against our warm skin, catch the shine and sparkle reflected in a mirror or the eye of a loved one may we remember our sources of inspiration and core intentions.

– Jessica Epperson-Lusty