Hello, my name Is…

Weeks into this world with no name, it was a mess,
my name was simply, ‘Baby Hess’.

Then, they came upon a boat one day,
‘Heidi’ it was called, voila, the name issue, was finally to lay.

Grandmother and Grandchild_Origin Story 2_POPPYORLet’s face the fact,
growing into a title, the personality may lack.

Honestly a name should be given,
once a person has spent some time, livin’.

Mother & Daughter_Origin Story 1_POPPYORMy mom always proclaimed,
“‘Poppy’ was what I wanted, for you to be named.”

The older I became, my many facets gleamed to a glow,
mom must have seen them before, how did she know?

Georgia Totto O'Keeffe_PoppyA tough layer of leaves, with passion so red.
Deep purple is the core, from soul, to heart and head.

Blowing in the wind, so delicate and free,
she was right, a Poppy I was,

a Poppy, I will be.



Nicknames are a tradition in our family, from my great-grandmother ‘Toto’, to my grandmother ‘Shana’, unfortunately my mother passed away too early in her life for a nickname to catch on, but all my aunts have their newly appointed names, and then the next generation with me, ‘Poppy.’

Images from top, down: my grandmother, Shana and I (at 7 months), my mother and I, Georgia Totto O’Keeffe painting and me, wearing my red coral ‘good-luck’ ring that Shana fabricated in the 70’s.

So that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.