Nourish Yourself

Heorth is a place where...

we gather to reflect upon what is happening in our lives, to tell stories of our life, learn from others, grieve, grow, celebrate, release and share our dreams for our future.  

Heorth is a place to make meaning and forge symbols that we carry forward in our life‘s journey.

As tenderers of this Heorth...

we engage in regular reflection and discovery. We share our journey to support those of you who attune to our Adorn with Intention practice to deepen yours.

Our posts and explorations are intended to provide able to take little Heorth moments in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Connecting the insights they inspire to an adornment creates a potent personal symbol of your current intentions. This is why when you purchase a Heorth adornment you receive a guided meditation to explore the symbolism of the designs and create a personal intention.

With each sun cycle...

we focus on a theme drawn from the stars as they have come down over millennia and comprise the archetypes of the astrological wheel.

While the sun transits the constellation of Cancer, which holds the archetype of the ‘Mother’ as the quintessence of the one who nourishes and nurtures, we will hone the theme of nourishment.  

The ‘Mother’ archetype is associated with the care of our hearts, dreams and home. Nourishment is a concept central to this archetype and to each of our lives as it is essential to living well on every level.

We acknowledge that each of us has a very different relationship with our own mothers and that they may or may not have modeled for us how to nourish ourselves on every level. They may have been amazing in one area and quite challenged in another.

This is precisely what makes taking a bit of time to explore this theme so potent.

Follow our daily posts to be inspired to consider how you are and how you may nourishing yourself energetically, psychically, mentally and emotionally.

We hope you will be nourished by the inquiries, ideas, images and adornments we share. We will not know unless you share your voice.

One of our dreams is to have a community sharing their inspirations, intentions and how working mindfully with adornment to stay awake and aware supports their manifestation. We would love to hear how you are nourishing yourself and how you relate to this archetype or concept, so please do.

photos by Jen Eun

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