Our Center Radiates

Our Center Radiates_Wedding Bands_POPPYOR. CustomOur Center Radiates_Wedding Bands_POPPYOR. Custom.3Our Center Radiates_Wedding Bands_POPPYOR. Custom.2~

Shall we
rest in the beauty
of each other
holding safe
sacred space
where we meet
in strength and softness?

We find each other
formed and unformed
grounded in the freedom of
aspiration and desire
to embody good
in our own unique way
individually and slowly
in unveiled union.

Our security is in
standing in the gap
holding space
of unconditional acceptance;
hand held out
to a heart full of love,
yet still afraid.

Abiding the twists and turns
following our inner compasses
glancing out of the corner of an I
to find a we
still there
in the forests and the fields
receiving from the earth
savory sustaining flavor
offering loyal service in return.

Commitment is to choose
simply to be good
basking in the aura
of unconditional acceptance
our cups are filled to overflowing
with Goodwill to lavish
upon the the souls
that take sojourn in our hearts’ light.

Sharing this journey
under the day-blind stars
relishing together how
through living with intention
love’s nature is revealed
with resounding affirmation
day by blessed day
night by graceful night.


Our Center Radiates_Sketch_POPPYOR.Custom

ring material: palladium sterling silver

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty