Our Creatives

Our Creatives

Poppy Charpentier

Co-Founder, Lead Designer, Jeweler & Director of our "Internal Community" (studio) ~ Introduced to jewelry design and metalsmithing by her grandmother, Poppy grew up with a deep passion for the art. Knowing that body adornment would always be part of her life, it was only natural for her to obtain a BFA in Metals Art from the University of Washington in Seattle. During her studies she mainly focused on fine jewelry design and fabrication, however was also exposed to various metal and jewelry techniques, tool and knife making, the history of body adornment and small sculpture. In addition, she pursued her other lifelong passion by completing a BA minor in Dance. At the culmination of her studies, Poppy participated in two final gallery projects by creating a silver serving set inspired by the integral structures of the human body, and by recording a choreographed ballet routine which became part of a digital media display. Through this unique combination of pursuits, she developed an interest in motion and storytelling through wearable art.

Beyond the art of storytelling, legacy and personal myth also inform the designer’s intuitive creative approach. Working with silver, 14 to 24 karat gold, platinum and precious stones, Poppy integrates ancient, experimental and modern techniques to create jewelry that becomes a personal core element bearing witness to who we are and our surroundings. She is inspired to design and create by observing still moments in life, drawing on memories, and listening to the materials with which she works. “People love wearing jewelry close to them that defines them, and sharing those stories. The pieces that I create are symbols for our storytelling,” says the designer,“by diving deeper into a story that is told, a piece of jewelry will emerge and unfold.” Also keep an eye out for a hidden dot of gold or a tiny diamond in the designer’s pieces; as she loves spontaneity and secret finds.

Jessica Lusty

Co-Founder, Designer of Collections & Director of our "External Community" (outreach) ~ Born and raised by entrepreneurs who designed and built custom homes in the conservative culture of a southern Indiana river town, Jessica Epperson-Lusty’s early days were imbued with the excitement of seeing designs on the page brought into existence on the site. Looking back Jessica sees that the potential of possibility held in the creative process sparked a curiosity that drives her to this day. Gaining the American pass to freedom on her 18th birthday, she loaded up her possessions and drove to Colorado embarking on a lifelong quest to discover different ways thinking and creating. After several detours and scenic routes full of interesting characters and sights, she stopped off to hit the books. Studying with students from all over the world in her early 20s at Santa Monica community college inspired her to broadened the scope of her studies to include international perspectives with a focus on the intersection between culture and politics. After completing her BSFS from Georgetown University, she married and undertook the project of curating a life, nurturing two growing daughters and exploring myriad interests in the arts, design and humanities.

All this time she was building her sense of how stories are the backbone of all creation: culture, structures, objects of design… lives. Along the way she continues to develop skills of observation, communication and an orientation on design that she is thrilled to bring to Heorth in her role as Conceptual Collaborator and Communications Coordinator. In co-creating the collections she brings her core aesthetic, ecological values and mindful approach to design to the question of we how choose adorn ourselves and carry out pasts into our future.

Rachael Mynatt

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Rachael earned her Bachelor’s of Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University; personal Health and Wellness has always been an important part of her daily life. After graduation Rachael joined her husband in Vicenza, Italy, stationed with the United States Army. There, she had the amazing opportunity to instruct therapeutic yoga and meditation to mentally and physically broken soldiers. Since then, what motivates and fulfills her has never been the same. Rachael realized the true importance and power of self reflection, self awareness, and self regulation. Heorth’s vision and values align parallel to that. Our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and aspirations define us. To wear adornments that are daily reminders of intention, aspiration, and affirmation is a powerful tool for each and every one of us.


Studio Pup ~ Bella has been part of the Poppy's studio since she was one year old. She was rescued from New Orleans; found wondering the street with no family in site. People always say, "did you rescue her, or did she rescue you?" Why the latter, of course!

Odys Studio Pup


Studio Pup Short for Odysseus, is our Water and Earth. He is an emotionally attuned and grounded advisor, like his name sake. He reminds us to slow down, tune into the present moment and think carefully before we speak and act.

Extended Team

Sales & Marketing ~ Manuel Charpentier

Site Content Editor ~ Natalia Burke

Graphic Designer ~ Rosemary Cornelius