Part of the Whole

You're Part of the Whole_Semi-Custom_Bracelets_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR


Be reminded
you are part
of the whole
and holy unique.
Ground yourself
in the knowledge of
where and from whom
you originate.
From the rich depths
of rooted belonging
explore the contours
shades and edges
of yourself.
Cultivate a competence
that blossoms into confidence
supporting you in
pursuit of your dreams.
Circling back
time and again
to find nourishment
in the love trellising everything.
Original 24k Gold, Family Heirloom Jewelry
Original Material_Heirloom Jewelry_24k yellow gold_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR
Fabrication Process

Fabrication Process_Part of the Whole_Semi-Custom_Bracelets_Heirloom Evolution_POPPYOR

These pieces were made from jewelry that was passed down for generations. The gold chains and roses were pieced out for each bracelet and the client then kept one for herself, gave one to her sister and the two full-rose bracelets went to her daughter and niece (sister’s daughter)… allowing each wearer to have a little piece of the family close by, always.

Material: re-purposed 24k gold, sterling silver, patina

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty