Poppy’s Pond

Williamsburg_Street Art

Upon arrival to greet my Swiss-Miss, good friend,

we came into contact with this piece of art,

around a Brooklyn bend.

Lost Time, they say? Not in New York,

okay perhaps, be that way, it may.

But let me introduce you the most time absorbing nook, located in North Berwick, Maine.

Auntie Pam’s Mill House with a pond, many places to perch,

ruminate day to day,

as finding ones soul, can create quite the search.

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_33

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_5

From morning with the brightest of light,

Poppy in Maine_Pond

flutter to the surface of the pond,

like a soft floating kite,

golden crisp leaves,

they blow from a gentle soft hush of the wind’s cousin,

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_22

the breeze.

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_21

ย Skies, white-pink and blue,

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_15

reflecting only the silhouettes,

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_13

of what we must do.

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_1

Colors shift accordingly,

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_2

a blanket covers us at night,

Poppy in Maine_2014_POPPYOR_4

time to breath in the fire,

the endless will and the might.

Allow me live this dream for now,

so I can find this softness and way of life,

Poppy & Gabs in Brooklyn_Dumbo_NYC

amongst the city and all the moments,

full of strife and striff.