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Press & Reviews

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“The Bound ring is my very favorite thing that I purchased in 2016.”  – Julie R., Washington, DC

“We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Poppy. We had high expectations about this process and she blew them out of the water. The rings are so beautiful and I am utterly taken aback every time I look at them. On top of the actually product, I so appreciate the time she took to get to know us as individuals and how she incorporated our personalities and our story into the process. Her kindness and compassion was so evident in all of our dealings. I have never worked with anyone who cared so genuinely about the satisfaction of the customer, we will always be grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her. Thank you for the absolutely stunning product you created for us.  – Melanie & David M., Washington, DC

“We’re so in love with our wedding bands; they’re just perfect! Thank you for your wonderful work and always being so warm and fun to be around. You really understood what we were looking for.” – Diana & Ricardo, Washington, DC (Barcelona, Spain)

We recently got married in DC, and we’re so happy that Poppy made our wedding rings! The rings are fantastic, and we loved working with a local jeweler who made such high-quality and distinctive pieces (and also supports the community). If we ever need more jewelry, we know where to go!” – Katie L., Washington, DC more jewelry, we know where to go!” – Katie L., Washington, DC

“Poppy is an incredible artist to work with. I am truly impressed with her customer service throughout the entire process and ability to exceed expectations. My ring is custom, beautiful, and even has family recycled gold!” – Kristin S., Seattle, WA

Beyond what I imagined, people are simply amazed when they see it. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It is perfect!  (engagement/ wedding ring) -Angela B., Boulder, CO

“It’s fantastic… modern and timeless. Absolutely love it! Brilliant!” –Recipient of the custom anniversary ring, Joyeux Anniversaire.

 “I absolutely love my ring. In the few weeks that I have had it, I’m admiring how the diamond sparkles in various light.” – Regina Page C., Washington, DC

“J’ai offert le collier à ma chérie. Elle a adoré et le trouve super joli… Très fier d’avoir ce modèle encore très rare en France.” (“I gave this necklace to my darling. She adores it and finds it quite pretty… Very happy to have this piece as the design is rare in France.” (gifted the Placid Pendant to ‘his love’) Bruno L., Paris, France

“The ring is both modern and romantic, both traditional and new. It incorporates my family’s faith with a nod to the present… it will be an heirloom for years to come.” – India O., Chicago, IL

“I am thrilled with the rings.  The band by itself is quite wonderful, the gold stacks make an extraordinary composition.” – Marcia M., Washington, DC

“It’s gorgeous!  I love it.  Poppy captured exactly what I had in mind.”  – Adrian V., Chicago, IL

“Once again you have outdone yourself!! The ring is absolutely stunning.” – Christine L.,  Brandywine, MD

“Truly an inspiration to all female entrepreneurs… an amazing brand built upon passion, original design and quality.”  – Mariya I. Bouraima, Founder –

“I absolutely love the earrings.  They are the only pair I have worn since… you chose the perfect pair!” – Randalyn, KS

“Poppy has been such a HUGE part of this process and she just “gets” us!” (pre-wedding) “We LOVE our rings!” (post-wedding) – Suzanne K., Annapolis, MD

“The ring is simply beautiful and perfect…”  – Christine L.,  Brandywine, MD

“Thank you for all the sweat and soul you put into our rings!” – Laya C.,  Sacramento, CA

“They are so beautiful… Thank you for creating rings that are so special and meaningful!” – Elizabeth B.,  San Diego, CA

“The design she presented me with was not only beautiful, but perfect in terms of what I was looking for.   If you’re looking for something that’s made with care, that reflects thoughtfulness and an individuality that can’t be found in traditional jewelry stores, Heidi is the person to work with. Five stars!”  – Hannah R., Washington, DC

“I bought a beautiful pair of earrings for our Anniversary, today.  My wife loved them!  Called them unique and beautiful and that’s high praise from her.”   – Michael L., Haymarket, VA

“Our rings are gorgeous, that goes without saying.  But they are much more than that- they are thoughtful, they have a story, they represent emotion.  If you are looking for someone to help you tell a story through stunningly beautiful original jewelry, Poppy is it.  If you’re just looking for a lovely pair of earrings or a quirky-yet-elegant pendant, I’d check out her website.”  – Sophie L., Washington, DC

Poppy Press“She worked with my finance and designed the most perfect engagement ring. I love it, it is so personal to me and fits my style completely! We are so very happy with this ring, and grateful for the eloquent taste and craft; as well as the ability to tune into my style with only words and photos.  I always love showing my friends and watching their reaction as they realize it is entirely unique.” – Alexandra K., Washington DC

“I love my ring… it’s beautiful and thank you again!” – Mireille G., Manhattan, NY

“I am very pleased with the bracelet that I bought.  In a world full of cheap, mass-produced goods, Poppy’s artistic vision shines through her handmade pieces, offering you the chance to intertwine your vision with hers if you commission something!”Julia S.,  Washington, DC

“Great collections! – Jenn G., San Francisco, CA

“The designer lovingly crafts every delicate piece with the eye of an artist and the hand of a metalworker, making for a unique combination of sweet and heavy that’s like nothing else out there.  Be sure to ask about custom commissions for wedding rings and other special pieces.” – Em H.,  Washington, DC

“The unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry is a refreshing change from the mass-produced jewelry that everyone owns. I’ve never received as many compliments on anything, as I have on my jewelry from Poppy.” Isabella A.,  Washington, DC