Reisende Lys


The voyage began long before,

in company of the other,

life, began to soar.

Two lights had led the way,

their souls led the exploration and discovery,

two hearts, close, never astray.

With one, two, plus voyagers in tow,

the light, spirit, the love,

shall only travel one way...

to grow.


Reisende Lys, Norwegian for Travelers' Light. The wearer of this engagement stack was given a diamond by her husband... a light, to illuminate their path. This traveling duo (plus their three children) go on amazing voyages and since she is a writer, I wouldn't come close to doing justice to her amazing website and explaining their travels. that said, I strongly encourage you to go on an excursion yourself and visit her website, Taraneh

Ring Material: 18k yellow gold, white diamond, sterling silver