Replication Reveals

Replication Reveals_Custom Wedding Ring_POPPYORCustom


Outsiders move among the in
of St. Louis in summer’s haze.
A spark of eternity catches a
circumstantial friends’ gaze.
Carefree pursing their
own goals and dreams
mingling and merging in moments;
Love works behind-the-scenes.

Raising pups in tandem
brought to the fore
the values that unite them
in a bond of ease.
Their differences in taste
create a space to embrace
the stimulation of
varieties fresh breeze.
Easy travel as a pair
gives way to the wily ways
of a car full of children
& bright tiring days.

Among the particulars of planning a project
they see the other shine
envisioning and deciding
the ins and outs of a shared design.
Each and every choice matters
the details line up in a chain
of choices that link
the past and lead beyond today.
Given the chance to choose again
it is clear in their minds
they would relish anew each moment
treasuring the contours of their choices
eye to eye.


Ring Material: palladium (Pd950), conflict-free white diamonds

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty