Soulmony of…


Quietly one, no two,
shall wait.
For something may come, open,
a gate.

A portal alike, known,
together, have grown.

Liner, line drawn straight, an angle,
a creative, wave tangle.

A silhouette forms, becomes a solid state,
shaped, resinate.

Then there is the dusk, without dawn,
of which has no song.

Light with no dark,
leaves not one mark.

This is the beauty of balance, appear.
Enhanced it is, this life,
is the cure.


For their ring, this couple used diamonds from a family heirloom, with a total of 13 on each ring. Twelve diamonds on each ring come to a total of 24, representing their years together; the 13th diamond signifies the 25th year of which they were married. The center stones are that of the couples’ birthstones as well as the birthstones of their three children… When they all snuggle together, they call say they are making a Fam-wich*.


ring material: 10k white gold, emerald, moonstone, white diamonds from an heirloom tennis bracelet

* Inside joke within the family