State of Flux and Open to Transition

State of Flux (chain bracelet & extension)

State of Flux_repurposed_chain_bracelet_necklace_HeirloomEvolution_POPPYOR_Jewelry


State of Flux

Life in the industrial age requires
strength flexibility convertibility

We enter with a deep breath
open curious expansive soft

Yearning to see and be seen
express and wonder at the variety
of expressions around us

We love and are loved
open ourselves longing to feel
feel and close to the intensity of it all

We wear and carry artifacts
more durable than those
who acquired them
and leave them behind

Those who wrap their spirits around us
imparting invisible ties that bind

Some are lost and then
find us
on new ground
in forms
the giver may have
to look close
to recognize


“Reworking gold chains (for my necklace/bracelet duo, State of Flux & Open to Transition) from a formative period of my past that is no longer in existence and yet an integral part of who I am, is meaningful. I find satisfaction in the convertibility of the piece as it meets my needs day-to-day and in the way that the design reflects the essence and intention of this part of my story.” – Jessica Epperson-Lusty, Co-Creator of Heirloom Evolution, Washington, DC


sample(sample image of original gold chains)


Necklace/Bracelet Material: 14k yellow gold chain given to Jessica from her mother, oxidized sterling silver (hand-fabricated connecting loops)

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty