Striking a New Cord

repurposed jewelry collection

– Fabrication Photos –

Original Gold Ring_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

Cutting_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR Granules_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYORGold Balls for Discs_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYORFlattened Grainuals_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYORHammering_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

Filing Ear Wires_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

Final Product_Earrings_Striking a new Cord_Heirloom Evolution_Process_Fabrication_POPPYOR

“Rerum Novarum”
Delving into the well of inner entirety 
drawing on experience and knowledge 
gleaned through years of earnest inquiry.
Facta non Verba
brings into relief 
for those who have eyes to see 
the matrix of assumptions girdling
the world in which one believes. 
Intentions pure and clear 
combine with preparation refined
to form an tool of transmutation 
an mentor’s mirror sublime.
Gently and spaciously directed
upon students’ open minds
cultivating fecund conditions
where moments of reflection and exchange 
transform inherited opinions
into transcendent insights.
Creating conditions for societal progress
where an educator’s heart delights.
“I am wearing something special and precious of yours makes me feel that I carry you in my heart.” Words of gratitude from the recipient, to the original owner of the gold ring used for the earrings above.  – Christiane Connors, Washington, DC
Earring Material: 14k gold (from gold ring), sterling silver ear-wires
Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty