Style expresses Lifestyle, Lifestyle Shapes Life Stories

Heorth style expresses a mindful lifestyle. In creating Heorth, we thought a lot about what a person’s style reflects about their lifestyle.

Through our research into the history of how human’s adorn themselves and why, we gained a deep appreciation for how adornments from different periods communicate the life stories of the people who wore them.

We discovered that some aspects of our human relationship to objects of adornment have changed radically and some remain inherently the same.

Style reflects Lifestyle, Lifestyle reflects Impactful Choices

On the most fundamental level the way humans adorn our bodies is first and foremost a reflection of the all the small choices that form our lifestyles.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, these little choices we make everyday are integral expressions of our needs, values, beliefs, aesthetic orientation and aspirations.

In the past, out of necessity what what one chose to adorn themselves with inherently a more mindful choice. Resources were considered more precious, moreover, the time and skill that it took to create an adornments was valued differently.

In our mass produced marketplace based on “disposable income” and “seasonal style” there is an abundance of cheap choices. In this context we do not have to think as carefully about how we choose to adorn ourselves and the meaning of our choices.

How are your Style Choices Shaping your Life Story?

Our tagline adorn with intention is not just a catchy phrase. It is an invitation to consider mindfully how we are engaging with the material of our lives.

The intention, inquiries, symbolic orientation  and material choices place an emphasis on the connection between style, lifestyle and life story. Our process emphasizes the meanings captured in each piece as well as how you can engage with them as touchstones for shaping your story.

For example, with in the Union Collection we inquire into the feminine and masculine principles as they shape culture and live within us. Choosing a piece from this collection is an opportunity to inquire within your own life how your relationship with attributes and characteristics associated with masculine and feminine live in you.

Heorth relationship with style is not just style for a season. Rather, we create objects of adornment that invite you to evolve in the way you presence these attributes in an evermore balanced and mindful way season after season.

photo by Jean-Marie Jolidon

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