Summer Travel Bleus

Summer 2014 has come, stationed and now it’s about to speed off like a TGV train; au revoir mon été! With an “out of the blue” increase of weddings (or perhaps just budgets) and an interest for custom rings, I chose to stay stateside to fulfill my busy-ness’ (my father’s nickname for business) beating heart. However, feeling slightly stagnant and needing some worldly inspiration and a breath of new air, I decided to meander through photos taken during the past few summer and fall travels; not for the purpose of lamenting during this stay-cation summer, yet as a reminder of the people I’ve met, sites that were seen and moments that were created…

Paris in an Autumn Nutshell (November, 2013)

With great adventure, comes great surprises!  Unknowingly, Paris was hosting a self-guided tour around the city to visit galleries, shops and boutiques that hold some amazing Art Jewelry. P.S. if you’re there in the fall, don’t miss out on Circuits Bijoux.

Pieces from Iki Gallerie

IKI, Paris

IKI, Paris France
Street Art of Paris… After seeing a fair amount of Invader, I decided to start clicking away at some new trek stoppers.Street Art_Love Me_Paris_Poppy's Forge Street Art_mirrors_Paris_Poppy's Forge

Lights at Ateliers d’Art in Paris

Ateliers D'art_ lamps_paris, fr_Poppy's Forge

Art by Caroline Lee Hanquiez



Bird’s the word… in Paris (summer 2012)

Walking down the street, my friend and I noticed a woman, well dressed and sporting the latest handbag.  Of course I was discretely trying to get a glimpse her bijoux-led accessories, of which there wasn’t much of except… a bird (faux)… nestled in her tight as can be French twist. 

Birds_Poppy's Forge_POPPYOR


Les Voilles de Saint-Tropez (2013)

Mighty sails across the bay.

Les Voiles Saint-Tropez_Poppy's Forge

My ‘Poppy’ perch in Saint-Tropez; quiet from the roaring sea and sails.

Saint-Tropez_Quiet up here_Poppy's Forge


Goldschmied (Goldsmiths) in München, Germany (2012)

Schmelztiegel rings

Alluring Pieces found at Galerie Artefakt 

Poppy's Forge

Bird’s the word on Munich as well… this time on a trolly with a pinwheel.



La Biennale di Venezia… (2013)

Awe (inspired)-

Venice, Italy_Voyage_Poppy's Forge

-Maze (indeed it is!)-

La Biennale di Venezia_light instalation_Poppy's Forge


La Biennale di Venezia_Nature and Nurture? or Wo-man cave_Poppy's Forge

“Art is a world where one should say, 
what they intend to portray,
and what the patron shall convey.”


Venice in all it’s glory. From one cafe; Caffe Florian…

Venice, Italy_Modern and Traditional

… to another; Serra dei Giardini

serra dei giardini_interior_poppy's forge

Stumbled upon this little jewel of gallery… Oh My Blue showcases amazing art jewelry from artists around the world.

My Blue

Loved this little surprise (pop of gold), found at Officine 904

Officine 904

“Grace of a Gesture,”

… was a quote slathered on an empty wall in Venice; so incredibly true.


Of course we mustn’t forget about the poppies…

From the Rhine…

Rhine River Poppy

To Milan…

Milano Poppy

Normandy…Normandy Castle Poppy

The Seine…Normandy PoppiesThen, all over again.

Merci, arrivederci et gute nacht!