Sun Sign in Virgo = Earth

Our Elements collection is mindfully designed to bring us into conversations; first and foremost, with ourselves, and then with others.

Each of the Elements speaks to a different aspect of life and invites us to consider questions that can inform our choices. Our Earth adornments invite us to explore questions about the material aspects of living: resources, our bodies, food, homes, our work.
earth stacking rings

Earth is stable, persistent and orderly.

This time of year is an opportunity to celebrate and take inspiration in the beautiful abundance of the harvest season.
In this fruitful period all that we need to live healthy vibrant beautiful lives, springs forth from the landscape. It reminds us to pay attention, gather, organize, order, refine and make beauty out of the material resources that abound.

Our relationship to our inner and outer resources is where each of our lives actually takes shape.

With our Adorn with Intention Earth practice we offer you an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with the qualities Earth evokes and create an intention that brings more mindfulness to your role as sculptor of your experience.

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