It’s no secret, it’s no surprise,

no “hush hush,”

as to how mother became so wise.

With years of living life, as it has come,

walking to a beat,

of a light hum…

and to that of a deep, deep drum.

Moments full, of little kisses, and of course,

a good-night hug,

still reading Stinky Cheese Man,

a small chuckle,

and on the heart cords, a tug.

Life, is nowhere being done,

however, it is time to relax,

and bask in the sun.

Still, a few secrets of her own,

perhaps she has decided,

it is time to finally invest…

in that much needed clone.

From day one, she begun,

now, on day nine-hundred; plus twenty-one thousand;

it’s time to celebrate…

she has won!


 Ring Material: 14k white gold, emeralds, diamond (in back… shhh, it’s a secret), photo by Alyssa Robb