A Familiar Gleam

~ Mineral rich clay pot copper earth beneath the ruby sun above. Silver river line runs through until it reaches the ocean blue. A ripple to waves venture, land to land soft sheen approaches the shore. Distant the grounds yet native it seems from the deep red sun familiar is the gleam. ~ ring material: […]

Anew Light

~ Mother and daughter sift through a chest that holds mementos of the past soft malleable gold traditional repository of wealth and worth weighed in ceremony given at birth. A vibrant green stone smooth garden grooves captures my mind sends her back in time a child utterly dependent and shy looking to mother in all […]

Mary’s Wishes

~ Second shot, aperture adjusts; click. An unexpected moment in time; tick. Adventure began, Together, with encouragement, hand in hand. Navigation lit, by our atomic nuclei, light, Which is that of our support and dedication that shines, bright. As mother, and as wife, That beauty and strength, never lost throughout, life. And a world without […]