This was no, ordinary ordinance. with clucking all around. Zoning that had no limit, and plenty of ground. Transported from the north, satisfied and reside, in quadrant west. Forging on as is, so long as it’s the best. Open always, in mind, opinion, reported so. Share with this world, truth, only they know. ~ ~ […]

A Drop

~ A single drop, became the gesture. Then found in sync, was the true link. ~ Deep, solid, rounded. Traveling amongst. Exploring, a world. Discovered again, the soft, mellow, rich sound. ~ Seen, is a wrinkle, by many. Coldness, given kindness. The crinkle, becomes less. Softens to a ripple. Travels on, going through, Moving to… […]

A Message

Fluid, steady; the heart, four beats. One hand, it opens; they nestle, they meet. The lens of she, Happiness, and golden glee. His mirror, slanted, up a hill, Catches every ounce, of sun, to give him the will. And gleaming, so bright, That sun, at times, needs the calm of night. That is when, they […]

Billowing Bands

Billowing with happiness, all throughout, it is the love and adventures, to take into account. And when encouragement, comes into play, a thorny moment, can be, blown away. Together now, with absolute joy… full, is the heart, and the soul. ~ Ring Material: platinum- top two bands (hers), sterling silver- lower band (his)

Limbs of Life

  Flourishing with strength, Beauty & grace, Limbs embrace.  Rishing tall above, With all the care and love, Here and there, a pinch of strife, The golden gratitude, of Love and to Life. ~ Designed and fabricated years ago for my brother and his wife. His branch is linear, facing downwards towards towards her branch; […]