The Next Chapter

~ This ring, it represents the next chapter of one woman’s life. Not only is this beautiful soul, wife and mother of three beginning a new adventure in China with her family, but also venturing into the world of art and design. The unfurling fern portrays her past and the beauty of her future as […]

A Familiar Gleam

~ Mineral rich clay pot copper earth beneath the ruby sun above. Silver river line runs through until it reaches the ocean blue. A ripple to waves venture, land to land soft sheen approaches the shore. Distant the grounds yet native it seems from the deep red sun familiar is the gleam. ~ ring material: […]

Woven Together

~ ring material: 14k gold “weave” ring given to the wearer by her husband many years ago, diamonds from her mother’s wedding band (photo above), white diamonds from a pendant given to the wearer by her father-in-law (not in photo)

Blossom Again

~ Fiorire di Nuovo Lives from another time in this world when uncertainty could fester would hinder and rise. Pieces adorned tokens of truth signs that the past life was indeed, theirs before the war torn in two. Flee far flourish abroad leaving behind her world her life her loves. Hope leads lands the heart […]

Union of Earth and Sky

Rejoice in JOY when the unexpected springs forth from desire deflected. Reluctance orbits patience as founded fears slowly unwind transmuting terror to touchstone new hope springing from the vine. Gaze up, out, beyond! Lightwaves ring through the sky. Celestial loadstones faithfully and fearlessly abide edging dark vastness & uncertainty of the past aside. Viewed through […]

Soulmony of…

~ Quietly one, no two, shall wait. For something may come, open, a gate. A portal alike, known, together, have grown. Liner, line drawn straight, an angle, a creative, wave tangle. A silhouette forms, becomes a solid state, shaped, resinate. Then there is the dusk, without dawn, of which has no song. Light with no […]

Timeless Dreams

~ This engagement ring was made for a woman with strength, power, wisdom and beauty. For a person where dreams happen, stories are told and memories are made. Ring Material: 14k gold, diamonds, can be worn together or separate.

This Wave

The concrete breaks, green, begins to wake. A pathed cloud dissipates below, a warm sun, begins to glow. Insoluble connections, between two, This wave takes not all, only the lucky few. ~ This custom wedding band was designed so that the wearer’s engagement ring could easily nestle  into one of the many curves found in […]