Heirloom Pearls

~ necklace and earring material: (necklace) heirloom pearls, white gold and diamond clasp (earrings) pearls, 14k yellow gold ~ sometimes our family heirlooms need a little TLC. These pearls were re-strung and the clasp was situated so that the client can now adorn this set of pearls with the clasp shown from the front, or […]

To Make a Gift One’s Own

~ An overwhelming display carried through from chapter to chapter changes of scenery and character Circling back in reflection new angles of perspective appear aspects of Self once far draw near Honoring the Adventurer bravely charting paths dynamic rich and new following her hearts yearning to roads ending and vistas of new beginning Relishing myriad […]


Grains, of creative light, inherent within the human heart, concealed by the hardships of life. Struggling, guileless at times, girls and boys, don urban armor, shielding the potential inside. A gift, for the world concealed, still, a parent’s eye can see. Living, with the longing to know; is it only me? A communal question borne, […]

repurposed jewelry collection

Striking a New Cord

– Fabrication Photos – ~ “Rerum Novarum”   Delving into the well of inner entirety  drawing on experience and knowledge  gleaned through years of earnest inquiry.   Facta non Verba brings into relief  for those who have eyes to see  the matrix of assumptions girdling the world in which one believes.    Intentions pure and […]


Jewelry, one would think, is something quite fun, so chic. For another, it may be a statement, to bring interest, to peak. When, way back, inhabitants of, now African land. Used shells, bone, stone and wood, fastened, around, or in a travel pack. Adorned these items were, until they returned. The travelers told stories, from […]

The One

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, only one creature was stirring, the girl with dirty blonde hair and dark eye like a mouse. She quietly sits under the tree, with a fire-like glow, gazing at gifts from the highest, to down low. Fixated on a package with folds creased so tightly, […]